CRCDC - Club Resorto Customer Delight Center

In line with vision 2030, Club Resorto has segregated the customer care team into nine distinct divisions. The customer care department has been renamed as the Club Resorto Customer Delight Centre (CRCDC) and all these nine divisions would work in tandem under the umbrella of CRCDC. The nine divisions of the Club Resorto Customer Delight Centre are as follows-

Club Resorto IVR & Inbound Team

1. Inbound & IVR Team- This team is available on +91-8183-93-93-93 and is connected with all departments. You can leave your message with the Inbound & IVR team and that will be coordinated with the concerned divisions. Queries regarding Club Resorto Gift Vouchers, Admin & Purchase Department, Human Resources, Finance Team, Marketing- Digital or Offline, Housekeeping and Kitchen, any general inquiry, etc. can be routed through this department. IVR & Inbound Team is only the bridge and the messenger for your coordination with the desired department.

Club Resorto Booking Team

2. Bookings Team- This is the team for the bookings of our esteemed customers. They are reachable at the coordinates available with the patrons of Club Resorto Packages. The bookings Team has three vertices; Domestic Bookings, International Bookings, and the Travel Desk for ticketing, transfers, travel documents, etc. The patrons can raise the booking request from the mobile app or email the concerned person and thereafter can coordinate on the phone too, if desired. Special assistance is available too as per the package.

club resorto gift voucher team

3. Club Resorto Gift Voucher Team- This team is exclusively serving all free gift vouchers. Here is how you can redeem your Club Resorto Gift Voucher-

a- Kindly check your email and download the Club Resorto Gift Voucher.
b- Email Club Resorto Gift Voucher Code to
c- Mention the Club Resorto Gift Voucher Code in the subject line and share the dates and destination of your choice as per the terms and conditions of the voucher.
d- Do leave your callback number in the email so that the Club Resorto Gift Voucher Team can get in touch with you if required.
e- Expect a reply from the Club Resorto Gift Voucher Online Team in 24 to 48 working hours.
f- Choose your options as advised by the Club Resorto Gift Voucher Online Team and confirm your reservation./br> g- Just so you know, the gift vouchers are not valid in peak seasons and blackout dates.

Club-Resorto Reviews Delight Team

4. Club Resorto Reviews Delight- This division is for feedback on Marketing and sales experience and holiday experience. Club Resorto Reviews and Complaints are the lifeline of the Company’s Vision 2030, they are Club Resorto’s gateway of learning and innovation. Club Resorto evaluates all the reviews and incorporates the learning in its processes with the help of innovative technologies. Club Resorto Research & Training Centre develops training modules based on your feedback to help the employees set new benchmarks in customer service. We are waiting to hear your feedback on how we are doing, about all our touchpoints- be it Customer Care, Sales, Marketing, Bookings, Club Resorto gift voucher, or Support before, during, and after your vacation- your suggestions and feedback are critical to our growth. Kindly share your feedback Today.

Escalation & Team Club Resorto Complaints Relish

5. Club Resorto Complaints- Relish- This division works with customers to eliminate issues and make the experience more delightful. This division is primarily responsible for meeting customers on phone or Zoom calls to understand the issues and provide resolutions. Club Resorto Complaints-Relish Team compiles all the complaints and incorporates the learning in its processes with the assistance of the IT Team. CRCTC develops training modules based on this to help the employees improve on faster resolutions.

EOs- The Experience Officers

6. EOs- The Experience Officers- The Experience Officers are the dedicated RMs for the patrons of Club Resorto Packages. Their coordinates are available to the patrons and EOs coordinate all queries, other than bookings. They are also part of CRRTC which advises on innovations for more delightful engagements with customers.


7. CRCMP Team - Club Resorto Customer Meet Programme is an initiative to meet the customers one-on-one and receive their feedback. Customers not only appreciate the holidays that they are enjoying, but they also provide us with valuable insights into how we can further improve the same. CRCMP team members come from the Sales & Marketing Team, Bookings Team, Club Resorto Review- DELIGHT Team, Club Resorto Complaint- RELISH Team, and The EOs Team.

The CRCMP Team can be reached at Club Resorto Customer Meet Programme

8. Strategic Alliance- Resorts & Hotels, Travel & Sightseeing, Shopping & Holidaygraphy. This department works with hoteliers and banks to add more property options and banking offers for our customers. They are reachable at

9. Escalation Team- You may reach the Escalation Team if your issues remain unresolved at the Escalation Matrix.

Club Resorto requests all stakeholders to keep on contributing with their suggestions and feedback. That's the fuel that is adding acceleration to our vision to become an Indian Unicorn by 2030. Your suggestions highly welcome!

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